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"Liz is a great Teacher!  I contacted her to assist my daughter to prepare for an upcoming audition.  Liz analyzed her ability and listenened to what I hoped to achieve over the course of her lessons.  I saw an immediate improvement in my daughter's performance which continued... [She made the audition]."  Liz's rates are reasonable and she is very accomodating with her schedule.  Liz takes a personal interest in her students - going so far as to offer her students performance opportunities."

- Jim Hart

"We are going on our third year with Liz.  Our daughter was 4 when she started and she absolutely loves her sessions with Liz.  It's brought her so much confidence. It's wonderful to see her learn to stand in front of a room of people with ease.  It's a lifelong skill we are blessed that Liz nurtures early."

- Erica DePalma

"I am so happy I found Liz as a Vocal Coach.  As a beginner, I was unsure about taking lessons at first, but I quickly opened up to her and grew a lot in the time I spent with her.  She is very helpful and understanding.  I definitely recommend!!"

- Mikayla V.

"My daughter is not new to singing and music classes: she is a passionate singer and musician, having sung with Coleytown Middle School Camerata Choir, Fairfield County Children’s Choir, and Staples High School Treble and Bella Voce Choirs. She has also performed solo in a number of concerts and talent shows. She has studied classical piano for eight years, and she is now studying guitar. I have seen her developing her musical skills with a number of different music teachers, and Liz Gabriel was definitely one of the best. Liz is not only an experienced and talented teacher (as well as a beautiful singer and composer herself), but she is also patient, dedicated, detailed, and fun. With Liz, my daughter learned how to use her chest voice, control her voice volume, and extend her vocal range, with some real breakthroughs on the lower end of her range. Further, Liz taught her how to look for and find a more mature voice. Liz gave her the opportunity to refine specific aspects of her singing by introducing her to, and organizing master classes with, other voice professionals in New York City. Finally, Liz found an appropriate and fun venue for she and other students to perform at the end of the school year. My daughter had an interesting, fun, and productive time in working with Liz: all in all, a wonderful time! Thank you, Liz!"

-Anna Vitola

"My daughter, Libby, took voice lessons with Liz for a year during her sophomore year of high school. Liz worked with Libby to achieve a more mature singing voice, with more breath control and projection. She also helped Libby gain smoother transitions from low to high registers. Overall, her confidence with singing and performing was greatly improved, and she was able to tap into parts of her voice that she didn’t know she could before. Thanks so much, Liz!"

-Libby and Julie Christant

“My name is Camilla, and I’m 15. I’ve sung with school choirs, with Fairfield County Children’s Choir, and on my own for a few solo concerts, and I studied with Liz Gabriel for a year; I had a lot of progress with Liz. She was supportive and easy to talk to, and figured out what I needed to work on fairly quickly. My chest voice was not very strong or controlled before I studied with Liz, and she helped me strengthen it and helped me get used to using that part of my range. She also taught me what mix was and how to use it, which was extremely useful as it allows for a much smoother (and healthier) transition between chest voice and head voice. I still use most of her tips and lessons today. She assigned songs to learn that would help me practice what I needed to work on while still making sure it would be a song I would enjoy singing, which made the learning process much more fun and effective. She gave me, along with her other students, the opportunity for a trip to New York City, where we studied with a trained professional who worked with Broadway singers. At the end of the year, she provided a venue for a concert so I and her other students could perform the songs we had worked on. The atmosphere with her was always light and fun, and I learned a lot from her.”

-Camilla Franchi


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