Passionate About Inspiring Others

I have been teaching vocal lessons and specializing in vocal technique (how to use your voice when you sing) since 2009.

I teach a seamless bridging of the vocal registers which enables singers to sing in any style or genre of music. I work with all ages and have a goal to help my students sing freely with the same ease, confidence and grace they use when simply speaking.


I originally begin teaching as a means to support my own training and singing career.  Little did I know how much I would fall in love with it and the art of inspiring others to explore and use their own voices! I began my teaching career in Atlanta, Georgia where I worked with Tricia Grey of "Sing Like A Star" Studios. Tricia introduced me to the Speech Level Singing Method (SLS) developed by Seth Riggs in Hollywood.  Barbara Streisand, Michael Jackson,

Teaching Studio

Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Josh Groban, and many others to the tune of 120 Grammy Awards's are products of Seth's SLS Method. In 2009 I became an SLS certified Instructor. Though SLS has guided my approach to effective singer training, I continued to train both singularly and in Master Classes with Dave Stroud of D.S Vocology, who's students include Justin Bieber, Natasha Bedingfield, Kelly Clarkson, One Direction, Martina McBride, Adam Lambert, and many others. I have fully embraced a mixed method of instruction incorporating my knowledge of Speech Level Singing and D.S. Vocology with an affiliation with the International Voice Teachers of Mix (IVTOM.com). IVTOM is the latest organization providing training and support for instructors of both"Mix" and Hollywood proven methods. The simplified meaning of "Mix" is the seamless bridging of the vocal registers. 

As an Egyptian / American raised in South Texas, U.S.A., I grew up on southern gospel, country, pop, and contemporary worship music genres. I trained classically on piano for 10 years and sang Italian arias in college. Soloing was a routine and regular part of my life in all of these genres and singing has always been my second nature and greatest outlet for creativity.

Creatively I have found it fulfilling and challenging to make my own vocal arrangements, ad-lib to make other singers sound better, write stacked harmonies, and teach other's their vocal parts, compose choir anthems, and eventually write and perform my own music and lyrics. To read more of the story of Liz Gabriel Singer/Songwriter, please go to www.LizGabriel.com. Though I am still a practicing musician, at this stage of my life my greatest love, thrust, and passion is teaching others how to use their musical gifts to the fullest and broaden their avenues for fulfillment and joy!  

As a teacher of voice, I routinely work with professional and non-professional vocal students of all ages performing Gospel, Rock, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Pop, Country, Contemporary Christian and more. My students routinely audition for notable theatre performing arts venues and schools and have great success in achieving the roles they desire.  


6 Willowbrook Dr.

Westport, CT, U.S.A. 06880





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