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Hello, I'm Liz

From my earliest memories I have had a passion for music, and I have been soloing on stages since the age of 7. Having attended vocal training for many years with various instructors and methods, I know how it feels to be a student. I feel passionate about connecting with my students and helping them achieve their goals! As a Singer Songwriter, and a recording and performing Artist, I achieved success by writing award-winning titles, trending music, and holding the #1 position of Singer Songwriters on Reverbnation in the Czech Republic (My abode from 2011-2013).


My experience broadens my ability to help students with vocal technique, performance disposition, confidence, realistic goal setting, and songwriting.


To listen to my music please go to LizGabriel.com.  



how CAN i help you...

learn to sing
Gain more self confidence
grow your vocal range
learn or improve songwriting
Prepare to make auditions
engage better with your audience
strengthen your performance skills

6 Willowbrook Dr.

Westport, CT, U.S.A. 06880





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